Pray for the participation of all Motorcycle Ministries in a united effort to reach the motorcyclist community in London.

We envision a building where one can ride a bike into an area equipped with all the required tools to perform minor repairs and basic maintenance.  There will be an area set up as a coffee bar where we can get to know each other while talking about bikes and experiences relating to riding. There will be a kitchen equipped to host a monthly breakfast.  There will be a multi-purpose room for bible studies and worship services.  There will be a quiet room set up for prayer and biblical counseling as well as an administrative office and Pastor’s study.

What is Needed

  1. Prayer. We are called to plant this church and pray that God will lead us as we seek to accomplish His will. We ask that He would provide all that is required that we may give Him all the honor and glory as He changes lives.
  2. A suitable building (a warehouse or garage) with about 3,000 square feet.
  3. Tools (metric and standard), a compressor, a pressure washer and a computer terminal with access to repair sites.
  4. Coffee Bar requires a coffee maker and chairs
  5. Kitchen appliances, equipment and furniture
  6. Multi-purpose room requires sound system, projector, screen, lighting, microphones, computer, three monitors, wiring and chairs.
  7. Signage and advertizing
  1. Quiet Room needs comfortable furniture to relax and promote sharing
  2. Office needs computer, printer-copier-scanner-fax, file system, telephone and furniture
  3. Study needs shelving, a desk, a chair and a computer.
  4. Vacuum cleaner
  5. Initial help with ongoing expenses such as rent, electric, heating, telephone, internet and insurance.


We have applied for charitable tax status and are waiting for a decision.