Really, Boys, Really?


How do you define “real men”? Some would say you need to ride a certain type of motorcycle and have a certain attitude. You have be someone who idolizes Sons of Anarchy. It seems absurd to me that someone else should hold up an image and expect me to live up to their imagination of manhood. Implying that anyone who does not buy into their philosophy is not a real man, they use bully tactics to enlist members (real men).

I am not saying that there are not some who would genuinely fit their model. What I am saying is that there are many real men who would not!

If you hold yourself to be the yard stick, then your measure is way off. Anyone who thinks he has defined manhood will surely be surprised by a man who does not fit in his definition. As Christ is our model and he cannot be placed in a box, manhood in Him defies packaging.

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