Everyone Does as They Please


Not long ago my grandson called me on the phone and proudly announced, “I am a soccer player.  I have a uniform and soccer shoes and everything!  Come watch my game.”  My wife, Brenda, and I hurried to the car and rushed off.  We arrived just in time to see two teams lined up in position on each side of the center line and identify Jay, who was waving wildly at us.  The referee placed the ball, stood back and blew his whistle.  All the children on the field including both goal tenders rushed forward into what can only be described as a beehive of activity that resembled a scrum.  The swarm moved around the field with no particular direction until somehow the ball ended up in the net at which the players on both teams cheered and celebrated.  None of the players understood the game and they all did as they thought best.

Watching them play brought to mind the Book of Judges that echoes several times, “In those days Israel had no king and everyone did as he pleased.” Today we have once more embraced the philosophy that we should all be allowed to do as we please. We even demand that others celebrate our choices. Our politicians focus on short term goals to get elected and keep an eye on surveys, promising to give us what we want. In the end there really is no leadership and everyone does as he sees fit.

Political correctness calls for us to follow the rule of tolerance. To be tolerant means not to express disagreement, for if you do then you are being intolerant. That said; if your view is different from what is the expected by the few who have sway, you are branded, ridiculed and treated as an outcast and intolerant. No one can say that anyone is wrong for fear that that we break the new rule: “Everyone can do as they please.”

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