The Road Ahead



I have come to realize that there is more road behind me than what lies ahead. Even if you set off without a destination – we all arrive at the same end of the road. If this is all there is, the best a man can hope for is to eat, drink and enjoy the fruit of his labor.

However; we all sense that there is more. We talk about the “forever chapter”, riding the roads in heaven and seeing old friends. Eternity is in our hearts and on our minds – especially as we start to run out of road. Life seems to pass so quickly and there is no time for regret.

If you live like there is no eternity and life has no hope, you’d better be right. I believe there is a hope for life after death. There are roads yet to ride on in an eternal existence and I pray you will be riding with me. I believe Jesus is our road captain and that He has made a way for us to follow.

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