April Fool’s


April first has taught me a lot. Here are a few things:

  • people who say they were just joking, probable were not
  • I have learned to doubt and not be so trusting
  • jokes can get carried away
  • some people will wait a whole year to get even or do one better
  • some people have no limits

The greatest lesson I learned is that the most dangerous cons are the ones we play on ourselves.

  • There is no God
  • God is love and since Jesus died for all, I can continue to sin
  • God has changed His view on things
  • We all worship the same god (gods)
  • There is no hell
  • I’m okay
  • The Bible is boring and irrelevant because it is outdated, so I never read it.

We attribute things to the bible that are just not in it. We read one verse without reading the whole context and judge by our view of what it means. We are easily conned by false preachers because they tell us what we want to hear or we are turned off because we can see through the lies. The most dangerous of all is that we make moral judgements based on how we feel.

Stop living in an April Fools’ world and earnestly seek the truth.

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