Whose Fault Is It?

not my fault

Have we become so soft that we cannot take responsibility for who we are and what we do? I have met so many people living life on the “lay-away plan:” in and out of jail so often their cell should have a revolving door. Social workers tell them they have been let down by the community. Lawyers plead that they had no chance for a better life because of their background. They all give the same message; “It isn’t your fault!” Your Dad went to jail and your Mom raised the kids as a single parent, your Mom lost your home and bank account because she couldn’t pay the mortgage, you moved to low cost housing and lived under the wrong influence with the wrong crowd. You had no choice but to become a criminal – it’s not your fault. What they are saying – in a nice way (because they have your best interest in mind) – is that you are a looser with no hope of being anything else. What choice did you have? So just accept it and keep on keeping on. It is that thinking that keeps social worker, lawyers and others all employed.

The key to the jail door is hope. You are worth more than they say. Break the cycle by taking responsibility and admit that you have done wrong and are without excuse, ask God to cleanse you of your wrongs, and go to a bible believing church. God offers hope and strength to break the cycle. He loves us despite of what we have done and he has paid the penalty through Jesus.

Don’t let anyone take your hope away or say that you can’t be anything but an offender by nature. You are so valuable in God’s sight that Jesus sacrificed himself for you. Stop buying into excuses. Grow a moral backbone and start by admitting, “I am at fault.”

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